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    Adam Purnell for Salt & Rivet Shoot – Richmond

    Nick Radjabi and Joanna Griggs traveled down to London this weekend to go on location in Richmond for Joanna’s final year portfolio photo shoot. It was great to meet AMCK models Adam and Francisco as they were soaking up the southern sunshine on an gondola. Nick was asked to assist with the styling on the day and helped ensure we got the right final product.

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    ULLR & SKADE – Nottingham Evening Post Feature

    In mid August, the Nottingham Post, one of the biggest newspapers in the Midlands, contacted us with the interest of writing an article for their fashion section.  This article would also be printed in their prestigious monthly “Nottinghamshire Today” glossy magazine. ULLR & SKADE model Matt Turnbull and I met at the Evening Post media offices in Nottingham town centre on Wednesday 26th August and...

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    New Packaging

    We have thought very carefully about every aspect of the shopping experience and one thing that shouldn’t be forgotten is about the packaging. At ULLR & SKADE we pride ourselves on clean aesthetics and giving great products. Every product that is bought from us now comes in this stylish printed box with our arrow logo on the lid.  

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    ULLR & SKADE – Tennis Court Shoot

    In the midst of summer, we went on location with the brand with two summer tshirts were released. At the time Wimbledon was on TV so as a nod to the famous tennis event we went to a local court and took some photos.  

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    ULLR & SKADE – Overseas & Test Shots

    Currently we have some friends who are travelling all over Asia. We sent them some tee’s to take pictures with over stunning views, sunsets etc. I received these pictures in my inbox the other morning. It certainly made us very jealous and envious of their travels. We can’t wait to see their pictures taken with the SLR camera!   these pictures in my inbox...

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    ULLR & SKADE – Ski Trip

    So, we went on a ski trip to Andorra which is on the French/Spanish border over Christmas and New Year of 2014/15. Here are a few images and a video from such a great week in the mountains.  

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    ULLR & SKADE – Jewellery Ideas

    As a brand we want to expand and design clothes, that’s our priority. We also have been testing the waters with some jewellery ideas and samples for possible release in the future. To keep with the heritage of the brand, we wanted to create something unique, individual, quirky but also something classy. We decided that we wanted to create an accessories section and have...